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11Years’ Experience in Healthcare & IT Built HRmind

HRmind is on a mission to help save the NHS £1bn in staffing costs. With more people leaving the NHS than joining it, things need to change -Connect ideal candidate with healthcare organizations smarter. Optimize candidate recruitment process, automated pre-employment checks, automate expiry documents and trainings,reduce admin workloads, enjoy digital timesheet with our mobile app (click-in/out)
Why HRmind

Optimize Today, be future Ready!
What you get with HRmind:

Background-Check Automation
Timesheet Digital Recordings
Real-time Shifts Management
Candidate Auto-recruitment
Track Expiring Documents/Trainings
Candidate Supply with a Click
Client Feedback Automation
Shift & Timesheet mobile App / devices

HRmind Solves Agency's Burdens

Fast, automated pre-employment background checking
Screening candidates allows employers to verify employee information, conduct the relevant background checks and ensure their right to work. Having the right screening technology in place can save your HR team time and effort.
Feel safe with robust, always-on compliance
Define your own governance blockers to accept only compliant staff.
Never miss document & training expirations with automated reminders.
Secure storing of compliance documents through staff profiles.
Free up your time with stress free Admin
You are a recruitment agency looking to improve time to hire, automate and distribute staff; getting HR work done with your team faster and smart HRmind helps with powerful do to do all of these. For instance, with a click you can supply a new staff to a client and access staff profile from a central dashboard.
Upgrade to app-based Timesheet management
HRmind is an integrated solution that comes with simple & secure mobile app on our custom micro-computer for agency's client so staff can easily clock-in and out at the location. There is no need for paper timehseets anymore! A mobile app with security permission to manage 'overtime' on shifts and records delivered to agency's dashboard real-time.
Build your cloud-based bank of vetted staff
With HRmind cloud technology you can be at peace building staff pool with confidence on our engineering and cyber security. We Assure you of maximum privacy policy, data protection and uptime. Access your office from anywhere anytime!
Upgrade to app-based Shifts management
HRmind is an integrated solution that comes with simple & secure mobile app for staff to receive daily shifts availability of their agency. No need to spend on SMS. Staff downloads the application, access it with their ID and get daily shifts to cover as a Push Notification. Shift is accepted by a tap!
Upgrade to next generation e-rostering
HRmind is an integrated solution that empowers you to:
Build compliant rotas seamlessly online
Share shifts justly with your staff through the app
Automatically fill gaps with our smart-matching algorithm

Agencies & Staff Who Use HRmind

Century Recruitment
This is really a shift for us as a company to have someone care so much about how running an healthcare agency can be easily. automated, saving us cost, time and keeping us highly updated with our staff details. A very cool and rich software application and we do love the HRmind mobile app we use to capture timesheet real-time at places of work. Thank you guys!
Emmanuel Yusuf
We are more productive with HRmind. With a click we can automate reference’s pre-employment background checks for new staff and we no more bother about printing a bunch of timesheets monthly -everything now happens digitally. Everything healthcare agency needs is right in this user-friendly application called HRmind! We are excited to say you too can enjoy the ease of running recruitment agency.
Candy Nwosu
Our company is now a click in and out agency! HRmind brings greater organisation to our documents and staff management. Quick automated referencing. Most especially, HRmind ensures to discharge notices automatically when our staff documents or training are due for renewal so we can remain in great compliance. HRmind saves us the cost of Bulk SMS as we use the mobile app to broadcast shifts availability.
Peter Iroh
We were looking for a simple to use software to make our work easier and we got a proposal from the HRmind team and they have surprised us with this well tailored app to run our healthcare agency. We are happy with the features of the software and will recommend them to other agencies who are forward looking.

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